About Us

Tia Shamiso Cosmetics

Hey loves! My name is Chantelle and I am the owner of Tia Shamiso Comsetics. I'm so happy to have you here and hopefully to have you join the Tia Family!  Let me tell you a little about our company. Tia Shamiso is named after my one and only daughter (the first of my 4 babies) Tiana. From a place very close to my heart, 'Shamiso' a Shona name from Zimbabwe with the meaning a 'beautiful Miracle' which she really is.  You're probably thinking where I am from and how I got here. Well, I am 27 years old, a muma of 4 amazing children, Wife to the most amazing hubby and my profession is a qualified Children's Nurse. By day I work with families and schools as a school Nurse and by night I am cooking up new formulations to naturally help improve our hair and skin.  So going back to my background, you may have noticed that Tiana has a Zimbabwean name, well My husband is from Zimbabwean, however my background is from Ghana, although i was born here in the UK. As a company and brand we try to incorporate both cultures to represent what and where we are from.  

Our aim as a brand and company is to bring you products that are full of natural ingredients from the ground up directly to you. A family to another family; something for the entire family to use. We are all about families from the young to the experienced (we never say old! Haha). 

We hope you can feel this every time you visit and hope to build community with you for the journey ahead.

Thank you for your continued support and always remember that 'You are you best when you are YOU!'