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Tia Shamiso Cosmetics

Faith Candle

Faith Candle

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Experience the power of relaxation with our Faith Candle. Crafted with 100% natural soya wax for a clean-burning and long-lasting scent of cherry blossom, the natural wood wick is designed to ensure an incredibly peaceful environment. Enjoy self-care and wellness with the soothing scent of our Faith Candle. Light your faith today!

Our Faith Candle will fill your space with a serene smell . With a powerful affirmation, this candle helps to promote mindfulness and wellness, while creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and reflection. Light up your home with a luxury scent today.

Our Faith Candle is designed to give you maximum scent throw with strong, long-lasting burn life. Its thoughtful design makes it a perfect gift for any occasion.

Scent: Cherry Blossom
Burn Time: 30 Hours
Care Instructions: Cut wick down before and after each burn
Use: Indoor
Composition: Glass, Soya Wax, Wood Wick
Candle weight: 150g
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